Diabetes Testing Supplies

Testing and Monitoring your Glucose Level is Key!

Despite all the recent advances in diabetes technology, the most important tool in managing diabetes is still at-home glucose testing and monitoring. At any time, you can check your blood glucose levels and have the results in seconds. Monitoring can give you valuable information on how food, medication, activity and stress affect your blood sugar.

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Knowledge is Power

Checking your blood glucose each day puts you in the drivers seat of managing your diabetes. It allows you to make many of your own management decisions based on patterns revealed from your results. It is an important tool that helps both you and your doctor stay informed to develop the best treatment plan for you! 

Factors Affecting your Blood Glucose:

  • Type and/or amount of food you eat
  • Eating at different times
  • Skipping meals or snacks
  • Not taking medications
  • Physical activity
  • Stress

Be sure to speak with your physician for individual, specific blood glucose targets!

Items We Carry 


The EasyMax V2 Starter Package

We know that health care products can sometimes be very expensive. We strive to make quality products, at an affordable price. Our EasyMax V2 Talking Meter is a great cost-effective model including:

  • 1 EasyMax V2 Meter
  • 2 boxes EasyMax (50ct) Test Strips
  • 1 EasyMax Control Solution
  • 1 Lancing Device
  • 1 Box Lancets (100ct)

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