Automatic Door Opener


Drive Medical’s Doormatic Automatic Door Opener is a revolutionary door opener which automatically opens and closes internal doors. No tools, drilling or structural changes to the door or door frame is required with the easy tool free installation. With the Doormatic, a simple push or pull will open or close your door. The easy to read, user friendly menu, allows you to set the waiting time before the door moves and how fast the door will open or close. For added safety, the opener will automatically detect obstacles and stop. An optional remote control or motion sensor is available for individuals that cannot push or pull the door.

  • Automatically opens and closes internal doors
  • Battery operated
  • Comes with obstacle detection for added safety
  • Easy “Tool-Free” installation with hook and loop fastener
  • Easy-to-read menu
  • No drilling, no tools, no structural changes to door or door frame
  • Operates on many different surfaces
  • Simple “push” or “pull” activates the automatic door opener
  • Waiting time and speed can be preset
  • Optional motion sensor and remote control also available
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